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Go from an idea to a roadmap in a week — We get inside your lead's head to save you time, energy, and make you more money on their project.

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Scoping as a Service

As the name suggests, we work to see what is coming up ahead. Our white-label Scout engagements are designed for agencies that have gone through the pain of misquoting a project and suffered weeks of unbillable time just trying to get the project out the door. We'll work with your client and sales team as part of your team to identify the true scope of the project. This results in wire-frames, a light backlog, and project notes that typically get included in your full project bid.

What you get in 7 days

Day 1 - Planning Call

Typically 90 mins - You, Our Team, & your Client

Video call reviewing project vision, short terms goals, core audiences & jobs, and initial critial path.

Day 3 - Up to 15 Screens Sketched

Often these are clickable wireframes walking through the critical path.

Day 4 - Review Call

Typically 30 mins - You, Our Team, & your Client

Video call reviewing any client feedback on the wireframes with a focus on missed functionality.

Day 7 - UX Sketches, Light Backlog, & Planning Doc

All deliverables white-labeled to be used as the agency sees fit, typically as part of project bids.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Note: This should not be a replacement for a proper discovery engagement or design sprints. The goal is to quickly have a better understanding of the current project before you get locked in.

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We'll talk about your client/lead, project goals, scope, your agency, and our process.

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My clients love working with Pete. His project outlines give them a lot of confidence in what we are going to design & build. He supplies us a clear picture of the project scope that we include in our pitches.

Michael Van Tonder

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Who you are working with

Pete Bernardo
Pete Bernardo provides strategic guidance and product strategy exclusively to design & development agencies.

Pete led Switchyards Design & Development which was created to be the best place for B2C founders create and launch their product. SD&D provides a single source for design and development talent that’s curated, priced right, and experienced at building B2C startups.

As a Product Strategist in Residence for the digital product development and marketing agency 352 Inc., Pete embedded with some of 352 Inc.’s largest clients to provide hands-on product strategy.

Pete is the former EVP of Product & Growth at 352 Inc, working directly with the founders to set company vision and direction. With more than 17 years in web development and design, Pete is a proven creative strategist, designer and front-end developer. Starting as 352’s 2005 Rookie of the Year, Pete grew to lead the agency’s team of web designers, user experience, and product strategists. He spearheaded the development of 352’s first UX team, leading to some of the agency’s strongest clients.

In his 12 years at 352, Pete set digital strategy and design direction for some of their largest clients, including Cox Automotive, Wells Fargo, Tampa Bay Times, Cummins Engines, YouCaring.com, SocialNewsDesk and more.

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Pete Bernardo

Pete Bernardo


(305) 523 - 9002


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I also like to build products for myself

The easiest way to gather and organize feedback on a live website.

Pete's scoping process was one of the key reasons for the largest project win in Hall & All's history so far. We were able to estimate a full-featured mobile app and a companion web app accurately.

James Hall

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