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Hi! đź‘‹ I'm Pete Bernardo, and I build digital products. Over the past 20 years, I've worked with everyone from first-time founders to Fortune 500 companies, specializing in translating business goals into product roadmaps and UX strategies.

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My clients love working with Pete. His project outlines give them a lot of confidence in what we are going to design & build. He supplies us a clear picture of the project scope that we include in our pitches.

Michael Van Tonder

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Pete Bernardo is a well-versed product strategist and digital innovation expert, serving as the Vice President of Product at Novi AMS. He's recognized for transforming innovative ideas into practical solutions, with a solid track record in the tech and startup scene.

Pete is the founder of Punchlist, a unique platform that changed the game in creative collaboration by enabling teams to directly annotate on websites, images, or PDFs. This venture caught the attention of Marketwake, leading to the company's acquisition – a testament to his leadership and ingenuity.

At Techstars, since 2018, Pete has been an All-Star Mentor, imparting his extensive knowledge and guiding startups through the complexities of digital product development and strategy.

Pete's impact extends beyond startups. In the corporate sphere, notably at 352 Inc., he quickly ascended to the role of EVP of Product & Growth. There, he played a crucial role in enhancing the company's product and UX strategies, fostering significant growth and spearheading the development of key digital products.

Known for his practical approach and ability to foster growth and innovation, Pete's work in digital strategy, user experience design, and product development has established him as a well-respected and influential professional in the industry.

Pete's scoping process was one of the key reasons for the largest project win in Hall & All's history so far. We were able to estimate a full-featured mobile app and a companion web app accurately.

James Hall

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